Zebra 27’s political views are not perfectly clear as he had already established a career before joining the HLF and some rumors pointed he was hired on as their leader and did not join under common views. Zebra 27 made an illegal fortune as an arms dealer in one of the Africa's most densely populated nations, Burundi. He left his command in Bujumbura, the capital city and shifted his operations with the HLF to Japan. He is fluent in English, Japanese, French and Kirundi. His country origin is not known. In fact, since many intelligence experts, including Section 6 which had been tracking him, belived Zebra 27 changed his identity at least once, many doubt the current leader of the HLF is the same Zebra 27 from Burundi. Others belive they are the same since Zebra 27 did vacate from his dealings after a large shake-up in South Africa found his security lacking in his current occupation.

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