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Vanished Medication

Vanished Medication 消された薬Kesareta Kusuri

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1 (SAC)

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Transcript:Vanished Medication

Air Dates


February 18, 2003


April 3, 2005

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Embraced by a Disguised Net


Left-Behind Trace

Episode Type
Complex episode.

Complex episode.This episode advances the main plot, which centers on the Laughing Man incident. This is the sixth complex episode and the twentieth episode overall.


After the events of In the Forest of Pupae, Togusa uses J. D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye as a starting point and develops a theory that the Laughing Man is after something published on paper. Togusa receives permission to check out a Health, Labour, and Welfare records building and stumbles upon a key piece of evidence: a list of Cyberbrain Sclerosis patients treated with a secret vaccine has disappeared from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Togusa traces the missing list to a group called the Sunflower Society, where he learns that several prominent Japanese citizens have been secretly treated with the experimental cyberbrain sclerosis medication, due to the secret fact that the nanomachine treatments are ineffective. Elsewhere, the head of the Japanese DEA unit dispatches the Narcotics Suppression Squad to eliminate the members of the Sunflower Society and recover the missing list. When the squad storms the Sunflower Society’s building, Togusa ends up getting caught in the massacre. He manages to escape, but not before becoming critically wounded.