The Tohoku Autonomous Region is a section of Japan largely ignored, and thus became somewhat independent since the last war. It is camouflaged from air and space. This region was known to be a refuge of scientists operating on several advanced technologies including Micromachines. Japan still considers the TAR part of their nation and when the scientists of TAR developed a technology which (with the proper patents) could yield a massive monetary injection.

Japan stole the patent and robbed TAR of its insurance. This technology was MM Rice, which cured the majority of the food problems across the world. Optically camouflaged in aerial and satellite imagery, all that shows is a giant dam that boasts a large water capacity. In reality, it is a special JGSDA facility that was constructed to safeguard intellectual assets. With the war now over, work has begun to return it to its original dam form.

It employs noted scholars and engineers of all fields from Japan's corporations and learning institutions. Research begins on military engineering and increasing the food supply.

Prostheticized refugees are brought in as a work force. Although it lies in the mountainous region of New Hanamaki City, it is off-limits to unauthorized personnel under the pretext of water supply security.

With an investment of 400 billion yen in operating funds, it was built as a multi-purpose dam, with such goals as flood control, conservation, irrigation, and hydroelectric power.

A closed ecosystem was artificially produced in the deep underground sector of the Tohoku Autonomous Region to conduct cultivation experiments on MM-rice. The experiments were expected to produce high yields, even in a variety of weather and natural environments, but the project ended with the death of head researcher Kei Yazawa.

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