• In episode 12 of SAC1, Motoko dives into a body-less brain after one of the Section 9 techs gets stuck in it. She meets a movie director named Wataru Kannazuki, an underground cult filmaker who ends up creating his ultimate film within his brain.

    I know that GITs loves it's literary/artistic references -- is Kannazuki based on a real person?

    Thanks so much!

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    • I have watched the series many times, and this episode too many times. Never came across anything more about the director. I have the official logbooks archived somewhere, maybe I will find something there. Will take a look when I get the time.   Sith Jedi  Stand Alone Complex logo  18:41, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

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    • Interesting to see that the name came up while watching the same episode. I was going to search his name, but I guessed there was no such person. However, the concept of self-contained world suggests another literary figure, Jorge Luis Borges, whose stories in Labyrinth offer a similar self-referential universe. Of course, in GIST, the box encasing the brain of the film-maker offers the same opportunity for a viewer to be completely engrossed to the point of losing oneself and cutting off from the outside world. A crime, according to the police, similar to a mind-numbing drug...? Or a crime to have an artwork removing our sense of a self identity, as our consciousness gets submerged with the artist's grand world.

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    • Sorry I did not get a chance to identify myself...Tony Naturale. This is a great find for me as I completed watching the first series of gist with the laughing man theme. Now watching the second series.

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