Once an action is undertaken, withdrawing without completing one's objective, can not be tolerated. But an idea that is acted upon, with no goal in mind, is doomed to failure, and your efforts will be foiled. I am a man with a motive, 'The Individual Eleven'.

Mull over the meaning of the message from my newly awoken comrades!

What is it, that makes the 'Bible' of my struggle, 'The Individual Eleven', so magnificent?

It's in the way the author discusses the true nature of the 'May 15th' event by comparing it to Japanese 'Noh' Drama. The warriors of Japan's 'Feudal' Period scorned all manner of artistic expression except for 'Noh' theater, which was the only art form they recognized.

The reason for this was because they viewed other styles of art as mere pretenses, whose true nature was to repeat a pre-determined set of actions again and again. In contrast, each performance in 'Noh' theater is meant to be unique, the mental energy that's instilled in them, is thought to be exceedingly similar to that of actual events.

If one were to give one's life as a revolutionary leader, that life would be sublimated into something transcendent, in death a hero meets his mortal end, but he gains eternity, this is what 'Sylvetre' tell us in his incomparably brilliant work of prose, 'Individual Eleven'. - Hideo Kuze

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