The Individual Eleven is a terrorist group working to free the 3 000 000 refugees currently in camp. The ideology is based all around the need for individualism. In the past, many fear that onset of cyberization cultivates a trend for people to be more synchronous. They would share so many similar memories via the Internet, and could share their memories at will, they would cease being unique and lose the individuality. They believe the Internet may eventually become a group consciousness for the entire world and people themselves, would not possess singular ghosts. The group itself formed from an idea of separate individuals performing terrorists acts without knowing the other members or how many there really are. The true origin of the group stems to a more insidious source, leading from evidence that a virus may have infected cyberbrains with the knowledge to act in a certain way, in fact contradicting their motus operandi. By having similar motivations and sharing the exact same root cause of agenda, they become a more self-contained entity. Because no leader ever came forward and several other cases were connected to the Eleven even though the virus theory never made a connection in those situations, it is thought the events around this terrorist group mirrors that of the Laughing Man case.

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