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The Hope Named Despair

The Hope Named Despair 絶望という名の希望Zetsubō toiu Na no Kibō

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

Episode #



Transcript:The Hope Named Despair

Air Dates


May 1, 2004


January 28, 2006

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Vegetarian Dinner


One Angry Man

Episode Type

This is a Dual episode.

This is a Dual episode. This ties in with the Cabinet Intelligence Service & Gouda story-line (though the two main story lines inter-relate). This is the third Dual episode and the ninth episode of the season.


The failed attempt to secure the ex-GSDA officer for questioning has proven the straw that breaks the camel's back: Major Kusanagi decides to go directly into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency database to determine what Gouda is up to without all the added wires and strings. With the help of Tachikomas, who mount an assault on the building's defense barriers, The Major (as Chroma) hacks into the Cabinet Intelligence Agency Server Decatoncale to uncover Gouda's motives. During her question and answer session with Gouda she learns that he once had ambitions to be counted among the powerful, but has since resigned himself to never having that position. He aims to create/produce a hero for the masses, someone whom they can identify with beyond simply knowing that person's face or name. Gouda expects this person to take command of the situation he is currently creating and bring about some type of conflict which he believes will benefit Japan in the long run by returning the country to its former glory. Elsewhere, Batou, Borma, and Togusa are out to stop a suicide bomber, but so far have only been playing catchup, until Batou plays a hunch and has the Chief check out the local surveillance systems for the people thought to be the bombers. His hunch pays off, as the images of the bombers reveal them all to be refugees, prompting the chief to issue warnings to all police districts in the city to watch for refugees acting suspiciously. One such refugee turns up: a girl claiming to have a bomb at a subway station. Batou and Togusa arrive to find the girl surrounded by SAT officers. She was almost convinced to surrender by Togusa, until Batou arrives and forcefully subdues her (with an apparent gunshot to the left side of her jaw). It was revealed that the bomb was in her stomach and the girl was close to sheer anxiety and fear to detonate it (via a tooth camoflauged as the detonator). As such afterwards, she had to be placed under isolative medical care (due to the hidden bomb).

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