my soundwave’s on a higher level
beyond time and space, deeper than bass and treble
so free your mind from shackles of ignorance
no justice no peace discreet vigilance

the life you live, the price you ?can’t? survive
when times is hard focus your third eye
the path is narrow yet the road is long
you can’t lose your grip you must be strong

the heart the mind the physical coincide
the truth is lit but raise you from the lies
so break through and be who you are
the pain cuts you deep but time heals the scars

unexplained phenomena illogical
brain food for thought digest neurological
so pump your fists and fight for what’s right
it’s time to give the blind in sight

everybody get on the floor, flex your muscles
this beat right here, it’ll make you wanna do the hustle
tell the dj, yeah, pump up the bass,
yeah pump it up like you was lifting weights
the music’s real strong, you can feel it in your chest
so you turn it on, it release you from the stress

push up pull up work it out let’s (?) struggle
but you gotta keep it coming to develop your muscles
you don’t want to be the scrawny kid that gets picked on
when it’s time to come at me you gotta get it on
hold down the fort stand your ground like a man
never say i can’t only say i can
i’m gonna fight like i’m the world’s strongest man
but i am when i’ve got a microphone in my hand
so forget the biceps triceps and all them things
the strongest muscle that you’ve got is your brain
so use it

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