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Smoke of Gunpowder, Hail of Bullets

Smoke of Gunpowder, Hail of Bullets 硝煙弾雨Shōendan'u

Season #

1 (SAC)

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Transcript:Smoke of Gunpowder, Hail of Bullets

Air Dates


March 18, 2003


May 1, 2005

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Sunset in the Lonely City


Public Security Section 9, Once Again

Episode Type
Complex episode.

Complex episode.This episode advances the main plot, which centers on the Laughing Man incident. This is the eleventh complex episode and the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Aramaki has been released under his own recognizance, and meets with the head of the Ministry of Justice to explain the situation and ask for help in ensuring his team members' safety, but the Minister of Justice is powerless to affect the situation beyond the prosecution of Yakushima. Elsewhere, Saito and Ishikawa are caught in separate traps set by Umibozu teams, but not before successfully dispersing information seeds given to them by the Major. With Batou and Motoko as the only uncaptured members of Section 9, Batou undertakes a risky sortie to Motoko's apartment to recover her sentimentally-valued watch. Before he can escape, Umibozu commandos arrive and a firefight ensues. Batou successfully fends off the first wave of attacks, but is unexpectedly confronted with two armoured combat suits, the second of which proves to be more than he can handle. Just when it seems that Batou will be killed, help arrives from a most unlikely source: the Tachikomas. Having witnessed the attack on Section 9, the three remaining Tachikomas rendezvous at the remains of Section 9's headquarters, and after a time manage to find Batou at Kusanagi's apartment. The Tachikoma tanks resolve to protect Batou at any cost, but armed only with wires and a single shell it seems an impossible task and only succeed by sacrificing themselves. Meanwhile, Kusanagi arrives to evacuate a badly injured Batou. She evacuates him to her hideout where she stores her remote bodies. Batou returns Kusanagi's watch and she puts it on her wrist. After seeing to his wounds, both attempt to leave the city, but the Umibozu have other plans (on orders from the cabinet) to assassinate the Major. The Major's decapitated body is not wearing the watch.

Noteworthy DialogueEdit

Yellow tachikoma: Once a problem child always a problem child, know what I'm sayin'?

Soldier: Finally done putting up a fight? Damn... I killed him!
Batou: What's wrong? I forgot, I look dead to you don't I? Well, don't believe it.
Soldier: Uh??!
Batou: I'm sorry, but I had to hack your eyes pal.

Blue tachikoma: Goodbye.... Mr Batou! [Before both tachikomas sacrifice themselves for Batou]

Batou: By the way, I have something that almost didn't make it here. [Batou pulls out a wrist watch]
Mokoto: I knew it.
Batou: No matter how many prosthetic bodies you've went through this was the one thing that was always ticking away, keeping the same time as you. Nowadays that's far to fleeting, people entrust their memories to external devices because they want to set down solid psychical proof that can distinguish them as unique individuals. That watch is all you have though, isn't it? Your only external mnemonic device that identifies the person you've been up to this minute.
Mokoto: Those are pretty serious words, where'd you get them from I'd like to know. A watch and weight training gear, both of us have clung to useless scraps of memory, haven't we?