The agreement on the benefits the Refuges from the war would gain. However, this act was repealed by the new Prime Minister in 2032 before any supplementary acts were introduced. It was not released if the refugees would be granted Japanese citizenship. This caused quite stir when it occurred. Of course, the RSTA was originally conceived as a temporary measure and was never meant to extend as long as it did. The problem remained of what to do with the 3 000 000 refugees in the five camps around Japan. Currently, Refugees are limited to the camps and are not allowed to leave without special ID. Some have gotten jobs but are treated somewhat like paroled inmates while outside. They get to live and have a job outside the camp but Refugee officers make sure they know that could be pulled at any time. Some have gained Japanese citizenship. However, this is rare unless a refugee offers a usable skill to the outside world. Applicants wanting Ids or Permits (let alone citizenship) must pass mental and physical exams. The majority of Refugees have some form of cybernetic implant. Worn and well out of service, the often fail the minimum requirements for functionality. Those that try to escape are either killed or deported.

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