Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Technology Psymechs are advanced cyborg brain technicians whose name is a fusion of the Greek word psy, for psychological, and the word mechanic.

Psymechs are a combination of doctor and cyborg engineer/technician. Similar to Cyberbrainial Programmers (who are screened, scrutinized, and monitored by the government), they are similar in knowledge and skills but different in the sense that they are more oriented towards the hardware aspects of data storage and retrieval.

Psymechs work on cyberbrains, which contain combinations of living brain cells and Artificial Intelligence. The main conscious core of the cyberbrain, which could be explained as the soul, but in the future would be called a "ghost", in a reference to retaining purity in an increasingly electronic and mechanical world. The ghost is protected from intrusion and corruption by cyberbrain barriers anbackup brain systems. The ghost is connected to the net through the barrier or border between net and consciousness. The cyber body is called a "shell".

This concept of soul and consciousness was explored by Francis Crick in his scientific work in the book The Astonishing Hypothesis, which explains the perceptual and cognitive sub-systems comprising our consciousness inside the structure of the brain-which could also be called the soul. Ghost in the Machine by Arthur Koestler also examines original psychological perspectives on this topic of the soul and its connection to reality.