Neurochip from one of the Tachikoma who saved Batou

Robotics forever changed when Dr. Asuda of Kenbishi developed a revolutionary AI known as the Neurochip. It allowed Ghosts to inhabit Cyberbrains without any organic content. It raised the question as to what defines a human if there is nothing organic remaining. The existence of the Ghost would be reason enough.

Some theorized that if a robot or an AI would ever develop a Ghost, it would be with the help of the Neurochip. As a brain center of Robots and AIs, the Neurochip never gained popularity, possibly because of the fear that robots would, in fact, develop ghosts. Asuda believed that if the Neurochip was only given basic instructions, given time and input, allowing itself to grow, that it could indeed create the very basic parameters of a ghost. However, Asuda could not secure the patents and lost the designs to his employer Kenbishi. They then developed the Fuchikoma & Tachikoma, intelligent tanks equipped with Neurochips. When one Tachikoma was given natural oil, it damaged its hardwired instructions, allowing the Neurochip freedom to write its own code. This allowed Asuda’s dream to become a reality and the Tachikoma was the first robot to gain the basic skeleton of Ghostline.

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