The Narcotics Suppression Squad, under the control of the Drug Enforcement Agency, is an elite unit responsible for conducting special operations on anti-drug missions. But Niimi, head of the DEA, had used the NSS as an attack force to gun down members of the Sunflower Society while allowing them to kill all of the unarmed employees under the direction of Gayle Yasuoka,[1] and had been responsible for covertly assassinating Doctor Hisashi Imakurusu.[2]

Surviving NSS operators went underground, changing their appearance and had been conducting plans to weaken Section 9 by disabling Motoko during a prosthetic body swap and having Aramaki arrested after being drugged before the two were rescued from their ordeal.[3] It's assumed that most of the NSS were killed/arrested after the death of Imakurusu.[3]


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