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Mother and Child

Mother and Child 修好母子Shūkō Boshi

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

Episode #



Transcript:Mother and Child

Air Dates


September 4, 2004


March 25, 2006

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Episode Type

This is a Dividual episode.

This is a Dividual episode. This is a stand-alone episode that is not strongly tied with the other story-lines. This is the tenth Dividual episode and the seventeenth episode of the season.


Following Ishikawa's intelligence reports, the Major heads to Taiwan to investigate a lead on Kuze. She learns that he had a powerful effect on the refugees, and is believed responsible for the creation of a narcotics and explosive smuggling ring. As she prepares to leave the police station, the detective discloses that her plane will not leave until tomorrow, giving Kusanagi some much needed free time. While on the streets, Kusanagi meets a street kid with aspirations to make it big by dabbling in the drug trade. The kid is already in trouble for stealing cocaine from the Shouji (a rival gang on the island) and reveals to the Major that he and his friends intend to pressure-mold the drugs into figures for shipment overseas. At the end of the day the Major heads for her hotel, and the kid spends the night with her, but at dawn Kusanagi discovers the kid has left. On her way to the airport the Major discovers a bath house key in her pocket book, and following the lead recovers the remaining cocaine. Deducing the kids' location to be the Yakuza headquarters Kusanagi storms the building, catching both the Shouji and the three Yakuza heads off guard. With two separate weapons pointed at the Yakuza heads and the Shouji, Kusanagi discloses her terms: In exchange for the kid and a promise from the Yakuza leaders not to retaliate against the refugees on Taiwan, the Major will hand over the Shouji's stolen cocaine. The Yakuza agree to her terms, and force the Shouji gang to let the kid and the Major escape from the building unharmed. At the airport, Kusanagi suggests that the kid create a future for himself rather than getting caught up in a pointless gang war. The first terminal of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Yuanshan Grand Hotel was presented in the episode.

Notable DialogueEdit

Chai(Kid): [When Motoko gets into bed next to him' and turns off the light'.] Sister, mind if I ask you one question?

Major: What is it?

Chai: When you're full prosthetic... Can you have sex?

Major: Care to see for yourself?

Chai: I think I'll pass. [He closes his eyes.]

'Note': In the englis dub He adds you infront of mind, "Sister, you mind if I ask you one question?". Major also adds you infront of care, "You care to see for yourself?". It is found odd by some fans, some infact think it may be some sort of miss translation that adds the you to both, but either way it makes little to no difference. It is also important to know that Chai answers with "Another time." In the english dub instead of saying that he will pass.

By the way, Mona Marshall voices Chai in the show! Just a fun fact

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