When initial attempts to secure independence from the Japanese Government failed, members of the Tohoku Autonomous Region committed to terrorism. This involved a subtle plan to distribute tainted MM-rice laced with a Cellular Suicide Program built in to high-class restaurants around Japan. This procedure developed for many months until the terrorist plot was finally revealed with the ransom letter released by the TAR. Kei Yazawa, who had been one of the suspects, died many years before the operation, and the introduction of a virus into the MM-rice was entirely orchestrated by Toshimi Tagami, the Autonomous Regional Director, and formerly known as the 'Choreographer.' Toshimi Tagami entered into a prosthetic body of the same make as that of Motoko Kusanagi with the intent to cause personal disturbances with Section 9, but due to Batou's discovering the preserved corpse of Kei Yazawa and realizing the facts of the matter, her plan was foiled, and the attempt at confusion also ended in failure. With the dispersal of the MM-rice source code that occurred automatically upon the death of Toshimi Tagami, a vaccine was developed in short order, and the case was wrapped up without a single person falling victim to the tainted rice. Assuming for the moment that Toshimi Tagami had succeeded in her personal disturbance of Section 9, she would have retreated to Niihama as a member of Section 9 after destroying all evidence by leaving Motoko Kusanagi behind and sinking the Autonomous Region. Having become Motoko Kusanagi, we may assume that she would have conducted intelligence operations within the government and military to avenge her younger brother, Kei Yazawa.

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