Give us some spare genes and we’ll grow you spare organs.
Meditech Corp

Meditech, one of the few companies not dealing with cybernetics exclusively, uses the side effects of that industry to make a killing. While other companies concentrated on progressing the machine, Meditech returned to the organic, developing organic replacements for the open market. They are now the largest organ dealer in the world. They first began the purchasing, selling, and distribution of used organs from cybernetic surgeries. They would supply these organs to those not wanting cybernetic replacements or to those incapable of them. Eventually, Meditech expanded in cloning. Full body cloning is still illegal but cloning parts are not. The patented technique involves splicing a customer’s DNA into a pig. The organs are available for use for the entire lifespan of the animal. They also bread compatible pigs for spare organs. If a customer does not use the organs in the lifespan of the animal, Meditech will broker their sale on the open market. The CEO of Meditech was so dedicated to the industry, he sold off his own organs, implanting his brain in a Jameston type cyborg body. Meditech is owned by the Poseidon Group. They operate pig farms in several other countries. Meditech Bherel was struck by the Human Liberation front and their holds were destroyed (All the pigs were killed). With the advancement of cloning increasing each year, the process of reproducing organs in pigs grows less popular. The pig path remains the cheapest and some rival groups developing organ cloning still consider the pig path their greatest competition.

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