A relative newcomer, Locus-Solus burst onto the scene with revolutionary robotic designs. Years ahead of Genesis or Hanka, Locus-Solus started small, expanding when they narrowed their assembly line to producing high-end Gynoids. Rumors floated around that the Locus-Solus prototypes were so human-like to pass a cursory examination. However, whispers passed as to the extent of their realism. Public opinion frowns on companies that built sexaroids so most don’t publicly offer them, allowing their consumers to modify they companion robots illegally. Apparently, Locus-Solus offered their prototype Hadaly droids pre-modified. To avoid regulations and decency violations, Solus shifted all production to a multi-national ship anchored far off Japan, in international waters. There, Solus produces some impressive robots. They do still operate a Japanese HQ in Bertrave.

Locus-Solus crumbled when evidence of their robot unique attributes were exposed. Apparently, Solus had refined the same technique Hanka had used (dubbing ghosts illegally into dolls) with better results. However, the Hadaly types fractured more severe than the Hanka models, going berserk and killing their masters. Because of the severity of these side effects, Locus could not cover their tracks fast enough and were destroyed when the case became public.