The League of Arab States was formed in Cairo on Mar. 22, 1945, by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Transjordan (now Jordan), and Yemen. The main aim of the league is to coordinate the political action and safeguard the sovereignty of the Arab states. In the council of the league, on which each member has one vote, only unanimous decisions are binding.

The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 split the league. Twelve of its members condemned Iraq, and nine sent ground forces to join the anti-Iraq coalition in the 1991. The league was split again during World War III when 11 members left the League for good. Today the League has negotiated lucrative trade agreements between several of its members and Japan. This has, of course, led to problems with Israel, and the fighting has spilled over into the streets of Japan. Recently, Japan's Foreign Minister, Hidaka, tried to remedy the problem by getting Japanese corporations to form joint ventures with Israeli corps. The whole thing was scraped when it was discovered that the Mossad was manipulating events in order to sway public opinion over to the Israeli cause.

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