Harima City for Academic Research

Kenbishi's Maneuvers Dome

Kenbishi Heavy Industries is one of the biggest corporations around. Kenbishi builds tanks, helicopters, and weapons. They have a biodesic dome where they test their machines around a small city standing for the corporate headquarters. They also make neurochips like the ones for the Tachikomas.[1]


The HAW206 Multiped Tank.

Kenbishi multi-ped tanks are infamous. Kenbishi manages to survive many scandals because their massive stock worth. They have been implicated in stealing patents from their own scientists. One of their own tanks went on a rampage after escaping the test facility.[1]Through it all, Kenbishi manages to stay afloat.


  • Takeshi Kago - Chief Developer (Deceased)
  • Tashio Ooba - Developer


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