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Innocence O.S.T.

Innocence OST cover

Soundtrack by Kenji Kawai

Genre New Age, Ambient

Release date

March 3, 2004




Bandai Entertainment


Kenji Kawai

No. of tracks


Track listingEdit

Disk 1
No. Title Length
1. "Dungeon" 1:22
2. "The Ballade of Puppets: Flowers Grieve and Fall" 3:38
3. "Type 2052 "Hadaly"" 4:05
4. "River of Crystals" 5:47
5. "Attack of the Wakabayashi" 3:29
6. "Etorofu" 3:53
7. "The Ballade of Puppets: In a New World Gods Will Descend" 5:09
8. "The Doll House I" 1:31
9. "The Doll House II" 2:54
10. "The Ballade of Puppets: The Ghost Awaits in the World Beyond" 9:44
11. "Toh Kami Emi Tame" 0:31
12. "Follow Me" 5:01

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