When Cyberization became commonplace after World War III, a grass roots movement appeared in the corners of the world. They preach a gospel against the onset of cyberization. They feared machines would take over…not from physical force, but by simply turning us into them. They believed once a human undergoes cyberbrain modification, they are no longer human. Humans toss in their sleep. Human memories fade over time. Humans grow old and die when their time has come. As someone sheds more and more of their organic side away, what is left to call them a person? A ghost is not enough to the members of the HLF, which grew in size substantially after the discovery of Cyberbrain Sclerosis.

The HLF believed CS fell from God as punishment to those breaking the laws of nature. It wasn’t long before the HLF became finally recognized as a terrorist group. One of their first acts was the kidnapping of the daughter of the CEO of Tokura Electronics, the first citizen ever implanted with substantial cyberbrain prosthetics.

The leader of the HLF for the majority of their exsistence is only known as “Zebra 27”. Under his leadership, they soon followed up the Tokura incident with a major attack on the Megatech Body Research & Development Division Headquarters. This lead Section 9 to one of their first high-profile cases. Zebra 27 is presumed dead at the conclusion of the Aeropolis II nuclear threat incident.

Today the HLF still strike out from hidden locations, fighting the onset of cyberization and the overpowering monopoly of the Internet.

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