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Ghost in the Shell, a Japanese Manga and Anime franchise created by the manga artist Masamune Shirow, and filmmakers Mamoru Oshii and Kenji Kamiyama.

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Featured Episode: Aerial Bombing of Dejima – NUCLEAR POWER


The Chief Cabinet Secretary formally relieves the Prime Minister of her duties because of her decision to call on the UN to mediate in the Dejima crisis. Along with Aramaki, Proto and Togusa, the PM is moved under guard to an abandoned room of the building. Although the PM and her Section 9 escorts are split up they are not out of the fight; Aramaki produces a small-caliber firearm and Proto, Section 9's bioroid, manages to gain access to the net, where he finds Section 9's Tachikoma units. Through them, Proto gains access to the building blueprints and up-to-date information on Section 9's Dejima operation, as well as the location of the Prime Minister. With this information in hand, Togusa and the Chief set out to rescue the PM and put the brakes on the Dejima situation before things get even worse. Elsewhere, The Major and the rest of Section 9 (Batou, Borma, Saito, and Paz) manage to infiltrate Dejima Island in their captured military chopper, but before the team can safely disembark a number of Jigabachi aircraft fire on the helicopter, disabling the rotor. Kusanagi bails from the chopper before it crashes, intending to locate Kuze, while the rest of the team is tasked with presenting the "missing" plutonium to the UN inspection team. Unfortunately, Section 4 has been dispatched to retrieve the missing plutonium as well, and they mistake Section 9 operatives for militant refugees, resulting in a shootout across the streets of Dejima as both sides attempt to secure and present the plutonium. Meanwhile, Kuze leads a small band of refugees armed with Stinger missiles to the docks of Dejima island. The quartet manages to shoot down the E2C Hawkeye responsible for the communications jamming signal over Dejima, and allow the refugees to gain access to his cyberbrain once more. From the refugees Kuze learns of the developing situation: the Army and Navy are attacking the island with airstrikes, missiles, and naval artillery; they have also deployed radiation scrubbers in the air in and around Dejima to prevent any fallout from the nuclear material the refugees have from escaping the area unchecked. For the moment, Dejima Island is safe from invasion because the only land bridge into the facility has been destroyed, but the army has begun to move portable bridge equipment in to rebuild it. As Section 9 races against the clock to stop the fighting, the Tachikomas monitoring the Dejima situation make a disturbing discovery.
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