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Ghost in the Shell

SAC laughing man

Ghost in the Shell攻殻機動隊Koukaku KidoutaiStand Alone Complex - The Laughing Man

Directed by

Kenji Kamiyama

Produced by
  • Charles McCarter
  • Kaoru Mfaume
  • Toshiyuki Kono
  • Tsutomu Sugita
  • Yuichiro Matsuka

  • Jun'ichi Fujisaku
  • Dai Sato


Yoko Kanno

Edited by

Junichi Uematsu

  • Production I.G
  • Bandai Visual
  • Animax
  • Kodansha
  • Bandai Entertainment

Distributed by
  • Flag of Australia Flag of New Zealand Madman Entertainment Pty. Ltd.
  • Flag of United States Manga Entertainment

Release date
  • Flag of Japan October 23, 2005

Flag of United States October 2, 2007


140 minutes


Flag of Japan Japan

  • Japanese
  • English
  • English subtitles.




Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG – Individual Eleven

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