Kazuya Soga, a man in custody, is taken to a court to testify for his alleged "crimes against humanity" in the Qhardistani War. Flashbacks to the war show that he is feeding water to a young girl inside of a bunker. He claims that he wants the truth to be made public. Meanwhile, one of a series of mass-produced Logicoma is synced with video footage of Soga's men seeking to prove his innocence. The Major checks up on this unit later and is informed of the fact. Aramaki orders her to investigate this matter. Kusanagi leaves with the Logicoma in question and suspects that it has been implanted with false memories. They enter a highway and are attacked by a van manned by armed men. The Major forces herself in with her motorcycle, spotting Batou the Ranger as the driver. The attackers take advantage of a traffic control error and escape causing multiple car accidents all over the city. Left with no backup, Kusanagi tracks down one of the attackers and holds him up for questioning before being assaulted by an armored tank. She and the Tachikoma defend themselves, but receive a call from someone inside claiming to be an ally. The attacker from earlier, Borma, had gotten up and set up a roadblock. The armored tank turns into a mech and shoots him down, with the woman inside revealing herself as American Special Forces "VV". She offers Kusanagi her aid in exchange for her cooperation. They sync through the web and discuss their plans regarding Soga. Later, a former Soga henchman named Saito is shown playing a game of virtual Russian roulette before being held up by the Major for his suspected involvement with the attackers. He denies taking the job from the attackers due to the low pay, and agrees to help the Major with the case. With the team of Paz, Saito, VV and the Logicoma, Kusanagi leads an assault on the enemy base. They each enter the compound, with Kusanagi and VV entering the main building directly. Soga then Ghost Hacks the Major and promises her that he will make it impossible for her to stop him.

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