The man awaiting them is Batou the Ranger, who engages in combat with Kusanagi whom he's already met. It turns out to be a misunderstanding due to the Major's waning memory and they are approached by the real culprits who send combat androids after them. Kusanagi, Batou and Togusa make it outside Maneuver Area 6 where the android army comes after them. With the help of the Logicoma and Paz who arrives with a van they escape. They all meet with Aramaki outside in Niihama who explains to Kusanagi that Mamuro's money was sent to her account postmortem, and that the bullet that killed him was identified as hers as well. Togusa of the police force and Batou of the Rangers confirm this through their findings as well. With all signs pointing towards her as the killer, Kusanagi begins to question her own memory. She goes home and realizes from her family photo that she has been implanted with false memories. After investigating the case further, it seems that the incident ties back to Unit 501. She infiltrates the building and is engaged in battle with her rival, Raizo. She takes him down but is interrupted by her superior Kurtz, who comes clean about the 501's involvement in the elimination of a traitorus Mamuro using the Major as the assassin. However, Mamuro's brain was infected with a virus called "Fire-Starter" which forced her continual amnesia upon syncing with him. The Major leaves Unit 501 when she learns that she was used as bait. Gaining possession of her own prosthetic body, she is approached by Aramaki for a new investigation team.

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