Motoko Kusanagi, an agent of the 501 Organization, arrives at a Japanese airport where a suited man gives her a memory drive given to him by "the unit". She syncs it through and is jolted back in shock before carrying on as usual. Later, we see Public Security Chief Aramaki leading an investigation unit to unearth the body of Lt. Col. Mamuro, a suspected criminal, from his coffin when they are suddenly met by a questioning Kusanagi. Inside the coffin, they find the body of an unknown female android and are attacked by it. After they destroy it, Kusanagi goes back to the 501 and reports the incident to her superior, Kurtz. The next day, she is approached by Aramaki to take on the Mamuro case for him as a civilian. She is assigned a Logicoma to be her liaison and investigates his death through undercover cop Paz, who tells her that her that a clue is hidden in Maneuver Area 6. She makes her way there and discovers a detective, Togusa, who is also searching around the area. They are both met by a man with glowing prosthetic eyes.

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