Eka Tokura

Eka Tokura is actually the woman in the top left of the picture. The girl at center is her daughter who bears a strong resemblance.

Eka Turkuro, the daughter of a pioneering cybernetics company CEO, was kidnapped by an anticybernetic sect called the "New World Brigade" 16 years before the events of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. She was one of the first people to receive a cyberbrain.

During the events of the Stand Alone Complex episode NOT EQUAL, she is seen by members of the Japanese Coast Guard's Special Security Team. After the Security Team disappears, Section 9 rescues her, an old woman who was held as a hostage, and the only surviving Security Team member. Section 9 discovers that they actually "rescued" Turkuro's daughter, who was leading the terrorists. The real Eka Turkuro had been rapidly aged (possibly due to stress from the kidnapping or the exparimental tech her father was always giving her).

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