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Confusion at the North End

Confusion at the North End 北端の混迷Hokutan no Konmei

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

Episode #



Transcript:Confusion at the North End

Air Dates


October 2, 2004


April 15, 2006

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Chain Reaction of Symmetry


Escape in Defeat

Episode Type

This is an Individual episode.

This is an Individual episode. This episode ties in with the Individual Eleven storyline. This is the sixth Individual episode overall and the twentieth episode of the season.


Section 9 regroups from the fire-fight, and the body of their dead teammate is airlifted out of Dejima. Desperate for information on where a mob/refugee deal would go down, Aramaki pulls some strings and learns that the probable location for such an act would be Etorofu island. Section 9 is therefore dispatched to the island with the objective of stopping the deal while a request is formally made for a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force security net to catch Kuze if he happens to evade capture. On the way to the island Kusanagi explains that Kuze is very rapidly rising to power, and may eventually become a dictator of sorts if he is not stopped soon; she further explains that the refugees can see and feel what he experiences in real time, which helps him win over the refugees. Upon arriving in Etorofu Section 9 splits into three groups: Batou, Saito, and two Tachikomas head to an abandoned Russian submarine base believed to be the site of the deal, Togusa and the Major head to see a man named Kurilldin who has helped Kusanagi in the past, and the rest of the team remains with the tiltrotor. Kusanagi discovers that Kurilldin has been killed by an attack barrier after diving and hacking into something he should not have seen, and when she calls up the records for his diving, she discovers a plan by the mob to sell plutonium to the refugees for 240 million yen. Kusanagi also uncovers evidence that the Cabinet Intelligence Service and Kagazaki may be pulling the strings behind the deal. Armed with this information, Section 9 sets out to stop the deal. Meanwhile, one of the refugees aboard the boat confronts Kuze over the death of Densetsu (another revolutionary refugee) at the hands of the Individual Eleven. The man intends to detonate a bomb he has strapped to his jacket, which will kill Kuze and sink the ship, unless Kuze can explain the purpose for the refugees' trip to Russia. Kuze explains his plan, and ultimately wins over the young man, but when he sets out to purchase the plutonium his group of refugees become involved in a three-way firefight with two SDA-issue armoured suits and Section 9's Tachikomas.

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