The People's Republic of China is recovering from a brutal war, in which the cities of Beijing, Harbin and Shanghai were totally destroyed, and has attained the status of a world power. At some point in the late 2020s Mainland China and Taiwan peacefully merged, and the unified Chinese state is now a multi-party democracy with a higher degree of political and personal freedom than before.

Sino-Japanese relations remain strong throughout the series, as the nations have moved on from the differences of World War II. This pan-Asian rapprochement is a serious concern to the American Empire, which is engaged in a Second Cold War with China.

The world's largest economy, China is part of a trading bloc which includes most of Southeast Asia and India (the second-largest economy). Its considerable economic growth has not been of equal benefit to its citizens, and poverty is much in evidence; however, at least part of this can be attributed to the collateral damage of war.

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