The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an intelligence gathering organization established after the second World War, formed from the ranks of the WW2-era Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

In the Ghost in the Shell universe, the CIA, or an organization with an identical name, is one of the intelligence arms of the American Empire. During World War IV, the CIA was involved in a secret anti-guerrilla program Project Sunset, which Batou stumbled upon while fighting in South America. Marco Amereti, one of the subjects of this program eventually became a psychotic serial killer stalking victims in Japan. The CIA went to Japan, under the guise of arresting Amereti, when in fact they wanted Section 9 to kill him, thus cleaning up their mess. Batou nearly did, after cornering Amereti, but remembered his duties as a law-enforcement officer and arresting Amereti, who was then placed in CIA custody.

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