The old city in Niihama West sector is enormous. However, as expansion continued, this area grew less and less desirable for construction. At first, it was saturated with industrial pollutants. A large section of Nihama’s old-city would become a Refugee Releif Sector. The Refugees refused to move into the heavy polluted area and it was abandoned. Even though the industrial pollutants of the old city had long since been removed with MicroMachines, no one has attempted to rebuilt and repopulate this area. The area was still next to a Refugee sector and looked ugly with old, tattered buildings.

In a vain attempt to inject life back into the old city and stimulate repopulation and investment opportunities, Megatech began a very audacious project to build a Geofront in the west sector. It would be the twin of a similar construction in the East, Aeropolis. Like its sister, Aeropolis II would feature a subterranean development topped with a massive tower complex rising over 100 floors above the ground. However, even though Aeropolis I proved a success, Aeropolis II failed and construction was halted. Officially, according to the Megatech consutrction committee, Aeropolis II is only in delay status and eventually, work will resume…eventually. Many belive it was a stupid structure to buikd there in the first place as it stood 90 floors higher than anything else around it.

However, most forgot about its exsistence until the Human Liberation Front staged a terrorist act in Aeropolis II using its abandoned but still functioning nuclear reactor.

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