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Abandoned City

Abandoned City 無人街Mujingai

Season #

2 (2nd GIG)

Episode #



Transcript:Abandoned City

Air Dates


November 6, 2004


April 29, 2006

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Escape in Defeat


The Day the Bridge Falls

Episode Type

This is a Dual episode.

This is a Dual episode. This ties in with the Cabinet Intelligence Service & Gouda story-line (though the two main story lines inter-relate). This is the fourth Dual episode and the twenty-second episode of the season.


A tactical nuclear device has been discovered in the Kyushu Telecom Tower in the Japanese capital of Fukuoka, and some 35 million citizens are subsequently evacuated over a five-day period to allow the Ground Self Defense Army to safely defuse and remove the device. The assumed culprits behind the bomb are militant refugees, but Section 9 thinks otherwise, and with the Prime Minister's permission, enter into the hot zone to investigate the bomb first hand. Borma and Pazu are sent to inspect the bomb itself, which appears to be a dirty bomb, but upon closer inspection, Borma deduces the device had elements of an implosion bomb which uses American explosives. The unexpected discovery of American explosives creates confusion among the techs disarming the bomb, as the refugees have always used C-4 explosives in their bombs. While Pazu and Borma handle the bomb diffusion, Batou takes Gouda up to the roof of the radio tower for a discussion with the man. Using the Major's external memory, Batou plays with Gouda's mind by calling him second-rate, ordinary, and a copycat in an effort to bruise his ego and obtain information on the Individual Eleven and the refugee situation. The plan works, as Gouda provides his insight to the case and its turn, in the process revealing information that could only be known to the mastermind of the entire incident. Meanwhile, the Major and Saito commandeer a GSDA disposal truck, and masquerading as the bomb removal team, secure the plutonium from the bomb. The Major plans to transport the plutonium to Spring 8 for analysis with the hope that the techs at the facility can link the plutonium from the nuclear bomb to the plutonium from the CIS-run nuclear power plant in the Uchikon 7 district of New Tokyo's Shinjuku Refugee District. Since Section 9 believes that Kuze did not obtain plutonium in Russia, the revelation that the Cabinet Intelligence Service is behind the bomb will defuse the growing belief that the refugees must be expelled from Japan. Elsewhere, Aramaki meets with the Prime Minister to urge her not to send in the Ground Self Defense Army, but the PM feels she has no other choice in the matter; everything discovered so far points to the refugees. At Aramaki's urging, she decides to present his report to the cabinet in an effort to stop the oncoming civil war

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